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Calm Carl


You Can't Be Like Me!

Use. Abuse. Choose. Easy rhymes to tamper with.

Love. Stroke. Caress. Easy actions to pamper with.

Without commitment they're the same.

Without commitment what's in a name?

If the juices flow and the body hardens, who cares if the mind broadens?

(You do, I do, but continue we must lost in the pleasure of each others' lust.)

If the rhythm flows who cares for love?

Swapping and changing 'til we are both above the humdrum doldrums of everyday life

knowing the pleasure will cut like a knife.

A finger so fat with a feeling so thin, allows it to slip easily in.

Damn! There's that emotion again, slipping and sliding in to my mind, while our bodies are having such a good time.

Send it away with a flick of the wrist or crush it with a powerful kiss.

Get back to the love, you know it is there. Grab hold of a hand or put your hand through their hair.

Shut your eyes. Open your soul and suddenly, your orgasm's whole.