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Calm Carl

Release The Pressure


Tranquil, sweet sense of peace.

Encompass me, envelope me in your serenity.

Hush me, soothe me, allow me to wallow in your placidity.

Let me drift on your breeze.

Surround me, comfort me.

Take away the bustle of my existence.

Silence me, smother me.

Extinguish my childlike persistence.

I beg of you put me at ease.

Cool me, soften me.

Make me more than reasonable.

Calm me, tame me.

Put me at my most agreeable.

Nullify the panic in my heart, fill my soul with your serenity.

Quieten the rumours and murmurings until I succumb to the

joyful loneliness of tranquillity.

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Release The Pressure