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Calm Carl


The Light That Shines

A light that shines from those ice blue eyes…

The glow of love

A gentle kiss from those stern lips…

The flow of love

Slender fingers that have poked, tickled, slapped, punched, stroked my brow…

The touch of love

Endless smiles that shine through tears of loss or pain…

They show your love

Lithe, fit, as hard as nails, skin soft as silk and laughter lines from laughing hard…

The crows of love

Sharing laughter because we know the truth…

We crow for love

Words of wisdom come to mind but it’s in those eyes I find that love lasts forever between us…

They show your love

My lying, cheating, stealing, fighting, losing, spiralling out of control

Doesn’t slow your love

The police, bad friends, pissed off neighbours, officers of various bureaus

Could cause a blow of love

Most times, though it’s a look, a movement of millimetres

And I am told, with love.

The truth that you will be gone from here, ‘to a better place’ is enough to let…

You go with love