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Calm Carl

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Untainted, pure, perfect.

Untarnished, new, fresh.

Unashamed, optimistic, angelic.

We are all at some point, these 'things'.

There are no rules to what they are because each of us has been them.

Yet, if I, in this moment am (which I'm not), how can you also be?

Inside the light is dark.

A fear, if you like.

Out of the shadows it will appear.

After the light comes the fear.

Fear about not being pure, perfect, untainted.

Fear of not being new, fresh, untarnished.

Fear that you can't be unashamed, optimistic, angelic.

But you can, because you have been and you are.

In the darkness is your light, perfect, pure, new, fresh, optimistic, angelic, unashamed, untarnished, untainted.

Let your light shine, be the best you can be.

Allow your light to shine.

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