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Calm Carl


I Do Not Read Propaganda

Against peaceful protest my government wouldn’t use live ammunition.

Against stones they might shoot rubber bullets in retaliation.

Gas, blind & choke protesters into submission.

Kettle them, and keep them detained without legal permission or reason

For hours on end without toilets or basic provisions

This would only happen in a dystopian vision

Against peaceful protest? I laugh in derision.

I read the paper every day with precision

Front to back, every section

Okay I scan the parts about dress selection

And I scan the part about tappet correction

I know my government is just protecting

Our freedoms, our rights, they have jurisdiction

Your attempts to sway me with what is obviously fiction

Won’t work. I say that with smug satisfaction

For my news provider is above suspicion

Plus I have a university education

I am in the top 20% of the nation

My name has after it an accreditation

To my ability to keep concentration

So I can talk with some qualification

That my government would not use strangulation

To control or stop participation

In a peaceful collaboration

Against their policies or lack of consideration

When passing a law or a new taxation

My government has a legal obligation

To protect it’s people without exception

Yet you suggest that there has been some deception

That I have been tricked into believing a different perception

That the government, since it’s conception

Has pandered to those who have perpetuated the most awful transgressions

Raped, murdered, deliberately causing fatal disease transmission

By giving compulsory inoculations via religious ‘missions’

I know they were saving the heathens from oppression

We were saving souls with our invasions

On most occasions, with some war-like persuasions

Those countries benefitted from our interceptions

That’s how it went that’s my recollection

We are the right ones, us, without us there would be no progressions.