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Calm Carl

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They’re playing you. I’m not saying you…ain’t right and there is no way that you…are wrong but this has gone on far too long.

Who told you that you were better? Can I see the letter…where it proves that your thighs are better than their eyes or their lips are better than your hips?

Who said ‘this is a race war?

Was it in a place known for:

‘Independent thought’? Or ‘mind control’?

Does it nurture or nourish the soul? Or is your money, time & loyalty it’s ultimate goal?

When I say they’re playing you, I’m not saying you, I’m saying me because there’s no way I’m free from the clutches of their power.

They do it on the hour; They’ll tell us how to feel about another subject, they do not expect us to object to their content or the context, they’ll bypass the sub-text, then tell us what to feel next, ‘cos everything they show us has some pretext to keep us caught up in the pretence that our life makes sense, ‘cos you should protect the innocent, admire the 1% despise the 99% ‘cos you are different.

The reason you ‘must be’ BETTER is because of a letter written by the British government explaining their intent to categorise and thereby create discontent in the slave environment (or as we call them now the working class) to hate each other not the government.

They are playing me. I won’t join in, because you see, I like to win, pretend I’m free and open the door for all to see, saying ‘I know they’re playing me, making me believe I’m free to protest on behalf of you and me and then telling another lie so there’s beef between you and I…well I’m not playing because that’s I lie you did not invent, that was our government.

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