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Calm Carl

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Noisy Neighbours

I do.

I actively seek love out.

I search for love that will scream and shout.

Joyous noises from deep within the soul, are my delicious, naughty, sexual goal.

Guttural grunts and animal growls, piercing screams and midnight howls, yelling, laughing, cries of joy.

If you’re noisy then…

…I’m your boy.

If I find something makes you moan I’ll stay there until you start to groan and as you start to reach your peak I’ll find a way to make you shriek.

And if you’re not tripping yet…I’ll find a way to make you dripping wet…

I’ll stop…

…and start all over again.

Make sure you know that I’m a friend.

Be gentle, light, like a feather’s touch.

Do all the things you like so much; licking…kissing…stroking…almost biting.

If you really want, some play fighting?

No fists, no nails, no vice like grips…

…just enough to make you bite your lips.

Just enough so you can feel the pressure…knowing I’ll let you go at your leisure…

I’ll lift you up and push you down, gently persuade you to turn around…

…tenderly squeeze your secret side…Just enough, so we can slide…

And when that becomes too much to bear, I’ll move so you can…touch down there.

And as you start to lose control I’ll listen for the sound of your soul…

And as it rises from deep within, I’ll listen quietly…

…to the sound of sin.

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