Some text in the Modal..

Calm Carl



Pardon this intrusion in your mind but it's confusing and I find that if I talk to u, you don't mind. The confusion is this if I’m talking to myself and not to you than who the hell am I?

Words have power, change the course of every hour, for hours we will scour for the right one, keep momentum, keep 'em jumping, make their bodies keep on pumping, fill those holes with something, keep the instrumental complementally to the rhythm of the beat, move your feet, dance on, that's odd, words keep on changing rearranging, just as long as they are saying what we want to, as long as they move their feet to the rhythm of the beat. There's no difference can't you see...as long as they move their feet.

Everybody knows about the thing called E,

makes you dance make you feel ire

go into the party feeling well sexy

open up your mouth and I’ll pop one in it

swallow super T like a beautiful tonic

take one to your friend and beg them to pop it

watch how your pal fumbles with his pocket

his jaw gone crazy eyes jump out of sockets

girl win' up an' down you got cock like a rocket

spar gonna clear a table so you can build up on it

one draw 'pon the spliff an' you reach another planet.