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Calm Carl

Release The Pressure


Inspirational: A mixture of ‘Inspire’ and ‘Rational’, the thing about that is; once inspired, rational thinking goes out the window so with that in mind:

Can I cause you to follow a dream you had, to make you into

a ‘better’ version of your dad?

Will I make you take stock of your life to be a ‘better’ wife?

What if my words lingered in your mind and in days you find yourself doing the ‘right thing’?

That you pick up that dusty instrument and start (again) to sing?

What if old passions were inflamed by my words and how they were framed?

Let’s say I painted pictures with my words and you saw a farmer with a herd.

Are you going to leave your nine to five, pack your car, drive, drive and drive until you reach the countryside and when you get to somewhere quaint, unpack your car and paint?

Should what I say remind you of a time when you were free, will you quit your life as it is shouting “I’M NOT BEING ME!”?

What if, in this little verse I said “There is nothing worse than not following your dream.”? Would your heart give a little scream at the memories of your youth, that halcyon summer spent in the DJ’s booth?

Would a flashback come to mind of when you used to write in rhyme?

That instrument you played, how did it get waylaid?

Did you invent a thing but didn’t get a patent?

What dreams are in you but unfortunately latent?

I want to bring your passion to the fore so when you get home and go through your bathroom door, stand in front of the mirror, stare at your own face, smile and think about your place in this humdrum world, think about the universe through which you’re being hurled, realise your strengths, confidence and slightly selfish part, notice the swelling of the good bit of your heart, focus all your energy on the best bits of you and really understand that you can be SUPERYOU!

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Release The Pressure