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Calm Carl

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Half Hour Spent Well

Fuck me, rub me, lick me, suck me

Put parts of you deep inside me

Make me forget I have a heart

Take away the shame when I fart

Stroke me, caress me, and then suddenly: choke me

Make me forget what happened at the start

Cover me, smother me, swallow me whole

Put parts of me inside your every hole

Gently lick me, violently flick me

Make my orgasm your goal

Tell me what I should do

Make me do that thing to you

Tell me what you’re really into

‘til I don’t know who’s in who

Do it ‘til I can take no more

Treat me like a dirty whore

Ignore me when I say I’m sore

Bite me 'til I’m bruised and battered

Keep doing it when I’m shattered

Don’t treat me like a treasure

But find another way to pleasure

Yourself at my expense

If I relax, make me tense

Crawl underneath and use your teeth

Don’t wait for me: dominate me

Do that from above, but do it all

In the name of love.

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Poems With Audio