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Calm Carl


Essential Worker

The journey to work is a bit risky. At least no one is being frisky. Thank you drivers of trams, buses and trains. You’re not doing this for financial gains.

With me are people who might live on their own but their families’ still scared for them, alone in their own home.

Others (you can tell some by their rings) have loved ones and share ALL of their things.

Some may be happy to have many lovers. Most, if not all, are blood sisters, blood brothers.

Everyone near me has to be here, we have to travel, together, in fear.

Nobody would expect anyone to be working for riches that would have me in stitches. Making someone risk their own life and that of their children, their wife?

Profit can’t be a reason to put lives on the line. That would be evil, as heinous as any war crime.

I read they’ve housed the homeless, they’re feeding them too, I remember they said that couldn’t be done, don’t you?

The U.N. can’t get a ceasefire at this terrible time. Now, that is a World War crime;

Spending on killing while their populations’ dying, a million mothers crying...

We’re keeping the infrastructure intact and I’ll tell you a fact, not one of us are doing this for any big business fat cat.

The world has changed, money’s no longer Top Dog, it’s been us all along, the ones doing the hard slog.

Now pay us all fairly, each for all of their worth because the truth is we’re all equal, right now, here on earth.