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Calm Carl



I am the darkest cloud in the most terrible storm

I am the ‘…O R L…’ in the word FORLORN

I am the boyband member that really can’t sing

You don’t know why you’re down? I am ‘THAT THING

I am the wasp in the mouth of the bulldog

I am the oversized kid in ‘Leap the leapfrog’

I’m the one without rhyme or reason

I am the fruit that’s out of season

I am the apple that spoils all the others

If I was a school, I’d be a Christian Brother’s

I’m the bee that stings, the dog that bites

I’m the warden that turns out the lights

I’m the late night snack with melted cheese

If you were smoking dope I’d be the police

I am the freestyle rapper who can’t find a rhyme


I’m the dirt that gets in your eye

I’m the inhalation before you sigh

I’m the one who walks over your grave

I’m the thing you can’t have that you crave

I’m the nasty smell that hums and lingers

I’m the arthritis that grips your fingers

I am the water on your knee

Depression’s not an emotion: it’s me

I’m the reason you have to wait in line

I am the very ’air’ that ‘corked’ the wine

It was me that went ‘down the wrong hole’

I’m the choking bone in your Dover Sole

I’m the bus that passes you at your stop

I’m the ‘Closed’ sign on your favourite shop

I am the mail that never comes

I’m your neighbour BANGING DRUMS

I am the ‘witching hour

I cause the milk to turn sour

I am the tap that drips

I am your dry, cracked, lips

I am the hole that WON’T swallow you up

I’m the ‘empty’ in your cup

I put the ash in the half full can

The reason why you’re late? I’m your man!

I am the relative you never visit

I’m not the thing you miss, I’m the reason you miss it

I’m the ACHE inside your bones

I make sure that no-one ‘phones

I take away all chance of hope

I’m the lack of papers when you get home with dope

I am the one who empties your fridge

I am the TROLL under your nightmare’s bridge

I’m the splinter underneath your nail

I’ll take the wind out of your sail

I’ll put obstacles in your way

I’ll be the Monday morning of your every day

I’ll be the pain inside your head

I’ll be the wrong side of your bed

I’ll be your drunk, annoying uncle

In a lovely view; I’ll be the carbuncle

I’ll be the promise that will be broken

I’ll be the words you shouldn’t have spoken

I’ll let the cat OUT of the bag

I’ll be the rain on your last fag

I’ll cramp your style, I’ll break your back

I’ll be the reason you got the sack

I’ll be the gloom that comes over you

I’ll be the stone inside your shoe

I’ll be the turn that got you lost

I’ll be the path you should not have crossed

I’ll be there when you lose control

I’ll be there when you sell your soul

I’ll be there when you make the wrong choice

I’ll be there when you lose your voice

I’ll be there when your luck runs out

It’ll be me making you SCREAM and SHOUT

I’ll be there when you’re on your own

I’ll be there when you break your ‘phone

I’ll be there when the sun BLINDS you

I’ll be there when disease finds you

I’ll be there when the sun burns

I’ll be there when your stomach turns

I am the darkness and the pain, the blood soaked stain, the scream, the wince, the hidden thoughts, I’m all your forgotten faults, the lump inside your throat, the thing that gets your goat, I’m the tic or twitch you can’t control and I’m the conscience in your soul.