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Calm Carl

Release The Pressure

Delicate Flower

Delicate flower, open your petals and allow the sun to gaze with pleasure on your beauty.

Sweet succulent lips, open and allow this son to enjoy your treasure and your booty.

Secret garden of delight, your aroma wakens each and every sense.

A rose bud on its own should not make each muscle and sinew in my body tense.

From dew drop to torrent really should take longer, but when love’s a part of passion there is nothing stronger.

Trembling with desire, turning white hot fire in the soul

to hard steel inside your pussy-hole.

Stroking and with each caress choking, squeezing and yet pleasing to the point of gasping as your velvet glove is clasping and releasing, tightening, frightening with it’s power, this gentle flower now gushing as I’m pushing on your hips so just your lips surround my pulsing tip until I exchange my tip for something phoney to play with your yoni.

My tongue lingers as I spread your gash with my fingers to increase the pressure on your jewel, each glistening pearl a new fuel for me to hurl abuse at, ‘cos now I want to use that northern term of ‘twat’ ‘cos all in all, for the nicknames I will hunt:

A cunt is a cunt, is a cunt and no human will ever be finer than my lover’s vagina.

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Release The Pressure