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Calm Carl

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Another Chance

Death becomes me; she calls me to her arms

Says she will devour me with her deliciously fatal charms

She doesn’t haunt me, not a spectre in the night

More a…beckoning to come into her light

Her hints are clear, cheeky and still dark

Death entices me like the early morning lark

Sweet songs she offers to lull me off to sleep

Perfect death, seems warm and deadly deep

Life lingers, while she springs up to be my maid

Reminding me of the decisions I’ve already made

Pointing out the reasons why I should lie down by her side

Telling me that there are things I haven’t tried

Offering me sanctuary from the ordinary pain

Showing me the hearts that I’ve already slain

Pictures of kisses, beautiful on their own

Orgasms’ peaks brought out in a growling moan

Soft caresses, delicate and long

Powerful visions, powerful yet wrong

‘Trust me.’ says the owner of the night

‘Do one thing, just do this one thing right

Give in, give up, and admit you’ll never change

No one will think it odd, none will think it strange

Many will not notice, some may clap their hands

You’ve been gone before, everyone understands

Life’s hard, let go, allow yourself to fall

Come to me, listen to my call

One step, one jump, a slice is all it takes

To wipe clean your slate, cover all mistakes

Give freedom to those about whom you say you care

Or you could tell the truth.’ She knows I wouldn’t dare

I love her voice and the reasons that she gives

She knows that in my heart her sweet surrender lives

She knows that for her I’ve saved the last dance

But I’ll keep giving myself…one last chance.

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