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Poetry Saves Lives (an important short - imps)


Phoetry was inspired by the idea of showing you the moon that I saw in my real world, the moon that soothed, calmed and stopped my self-loathing, sad and anxious mind and allowed me to sleep.

A power so strong that I can bring it to mind when ‘She’ is not visible because of a poem I wrote when I was desperate for Her help called ‘Tranquility’.

Combining imagery and poetry isn’t new but at the time I thought of nothing else and spent hours every day for a week trying to create what was in my mind.

I can ‘hear’ poems I have come across when I see the connected image, proving to me that it does the job of putting the feelings and words into your mind with an emotional, pictorial reminder.

The concept is to accentuate poetry with imagery.

In my mind the rules/parameters are fluid but in the first instance I thought that it should be one photo for one poem in a static series with the poem embedded in the image because I am old and think that is how it should be done, like the one about the two wolves or the last tree, or the unknown soldier…then I remembered that it was 2021 and I should look forward and also be in the present so I will move the goalposts according to the poem.

Phoetry had parameters during that week, it must have:

One image taken by the poet that accentuated the poem’s inspiration or drive without leading the reader away from the words and their drive and inspirational qualities yet was…
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image illustrating Phoetry


Why Bezeal Went To The City

On a moonlit beach shadows of clouds played on the rocks. Shaman-Ca watched as the horse Bezeal trotted the rock in rhythm with the sea and air.

"I will dance 'til my spirit bleeds. Worlds spin fast and you stamp your feet." She called across the cove.

"Your body moves to an ancient beat." Replied the white horse in joy of the age of the crones' spirit.

Shaman-Ca wondered where Bezeal had been. The scratches and dirt on his body smelled strange to her.

Bezeal was tired, for he had galloped to release the smells and his energy was sapped.

"I am tired. I needed to run I have been to the City and could do no more than trot for three days. No room." Bezeal explained.

The old goblin woman shouted from her ledge,

"Release the pressure as well as the smells, yes Bezeal?"

Bezeal shook. The sweat flicked into the moonlit sky and became stars. It hit rock and crystallized becoming one with the rock. Where the beads dropped in the water a new creature swam.

Shaman-ca came to Bezeal when he was still, she spoke softly to him.

"With my bird-bone rattle and my goat skin drum. With my cold river eye, and my hot fire tongue. Did you see me when you were running wild? Will you bring me to your madness child?'

Bezeal related his story to the unnamed star, the ragged queen.

"I followed a brother who was taken by machine to the city."

Bezeal had no reason, many brothers had gone before, owned grounded brothers always left in…
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