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STAYING IN is the new going out!

STAYING IN is the new going out! in the same way that whispering is the new way to shout.
BLACK is the new White! in the same way that the centre ground is the new right.
FORTY is the new Thirty! in the same way that clean is the new dirty.
Only STAYING IN isnt the new going out.
Staying in is not a choice.
Although options are something we may openly voice.
To have them though, that is a different thing.
You may learn ALL the words but dont you DARE sing.
SURE!...[Read On]
image illustrating STAYING IN is the new going out!


Why Bezeal Went To The City

On a moonlit beach shadows of clouds played on the rocks. Shaman-Ca watched as the horse Bezeal trotted the rock in rhythm with the sea and air.
"I will dance 'til my spirit bleeds. Worlds spin fast and you stamp your feet." She called across the cove.
"Your body moves to an ancient beat." Replied the white horse in joy of the age of the crones' spirit.
Shaman-Ca wondered where Bezeal had been. The scratches and dirt on his body smelled strange to her.
Bezeal was tired, for...[Read On]